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Detroit: Become Human drops on the PlayStation 4 soon, and we’ve put together a huge FAQ explaining everything you need to know about Quantic Dream’s latest narrative adventure. While it’s been several years since this sci-fi story was revealed, the French developer’s been keeping quite a bit information under its belt, so read on for all of the information you absolutely need to know about this anticipated exclusive.

When does Detroit: Become Human release?

Detroit: Become Human launches exclusively on the PS4 from 25th May, 2018. It’s a global release, so it doesn’t matter which country you live in, it’ll be out on the same day both physically and digitally from the PlayStation Store.

Are there any pre-order bonuses for Detroit: Become Human?

Detroit: Become Human does have a handful of pre-order bonuses, but as always it depends where you purchase the game from. Pre-ordering the game from any participating retailer (check with your store to make sure they’re taking part) will score you a dynamic PS4 theme and a digital game soundtrack.

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Alternatively, you can plump up for the Digital Deluxe Edition which comes with immediate access to the PS4 version of Heavy Rain, a digital art book, the digital deluxe soundtrack, two dynamic PS4 themes, and ten PS4 avatars.

Is there a Detroit: Become Human collector’s edition?

There is a Detroit: Become Human collector’s edition, but it’s only available in Japan unfortunately. The Detroit: Become Human Limited Premium Edition comes with a physical art book, a digital soundtrack, a dynamic PS4 theme, and a sticker. It comes in limited edition packaging, and you can pre-order it from Play-Asia if you’d like to import it.

When will Detroit: Become Human’s pre-load begin?

If you pre-order Detroit: Become Human from the PlayStation Store then you’ll be able to pre-load the game so that you have it downloaded and waiting on your hard drive the second its release date comes around. Pre-loads generally go live a couple of days before to release, and right on cue, the Detroit: Become Human pre-load is live right now. If you keep your PS4 in Rest Mode and connected to the Internet, it’ll even get underway automatically while you’re doing other things.

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When does the Detroit: Become Human review embargo lift?

Detroit: Become Human's review embargo lifts at 1PM BST on Thursday, 24th May. Here's when you can expect reviews to go live around the world:

Detroit: Become Human Review Embargo Times

Thursday, 24th May @ 1PM BST

  • North America: 5am PDT / 6am MDT / 7am CDT / 8am EDT
  • UK/Ire: 1pm BST
  • Europe: 2pm CEST / 3pm EEST
  • Asia/Oceania: 9pm JST / 8pm AWST / 10pm AEST

Do you need to play previous Quantic Dream games to understand Detroit: Become Human?

You don’t need to have played Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, or any other Quantic Dream games to understand Detroit: Become Human. This is a brand new game set in its own universe with a unique storyline. While some of the gameplay systems will be familiar to fans of the French studio, anyone will be able to pick up Detroit: Become Human and enjoy it. There may be the odd Easter egg in the final game, but that’s about it.

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Is Detroit: Become Human a movie or a game?

Many criticise Quantic Dream games for lacking “traditional” gameplay systems, but Detroit: Become Human is certainly not a movie. You have full control over your character, and you’re free to explore. The gameplay revolves around interacting with contextual objects and making decisions to further the narrative. Branching paths mean that everything you do in the game will have an impact on how the story develops – with outcomes either great or small.

Who are Detroit: Become Human’s protagonists?

There are three protagonists in Detroit: Become Human, and you’ll play as all of them. Kara (Valorie Curry) is a housekeeper android who gains consciousness. Connor (Bryan Dechart) is a detective android, and he’s tasked with hunting down androids who have deviated from their expected behaviour. Finally, Markus (Jesse Williams) is a caretaker android who leads the resistance and seeks to free other androids from their plight.

Is there a demo for Detroit: Become Human?

There is a demo for Detroit: Become Human, which you can download for your PS4 and play for free. The demo includes a hostage scene featuring Connor from the beginning of the game, and requires you to deal with an AWOL android who’s abducted a small girl and is threatening to toss her from the top of a skyscraper. You can play through the demo multiple times in order to see a variety of different endings and outcomes.

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How long does Detroit: Become Human take to complete?

If it’s like past Quantic Dream games, then expect Detroit: Become Human to take about 10-15 hours to complete. Of course, the replay value comes from the different permutations that the story can take, and the new flowchart feature offers plenty incentive to explore all of the possibilities in each scene.

Is there a day one patch for Detroit: Become Human?

Yes, there's a small day one patch for Detroit: Become Human which fixes some bugs and minor issues.

Does Detroit: Become Human have a photo mode?

At the time of typing, there’s no photo mode in Detroit: Become Human and no plans to add one. However, if Quantic Dream receives enough fan requests, we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a photo mode being added in the future.

Does Detroit: Become Human have a multiplayer mode?

No, Detroit: Become Human is a single-player, story-driven adventure, so there’s no multiplayer option. Beyond: Two Souls did have a co-operative feature that allowed you to play with a friend locally, but there are currently no plans to offer that in Detroit: Become Human.

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Will Detroit: Become Human have any DLC?

There are no plans for Detroit: Become Human DLC, but Quantic Dream did famously discuss adding additional scenes to Heavy Rain, so it’s an idea that it’s always been open to exploring. We’ll certainly let you know on Push Square if any expansions or DLC packs are announced.

Does Detroit: Become Human have microtransactions?

There are no microtransactions or loot boxes in Detroit: Become Human.

Do you need a PS4 Pro to play Detroit: Become Human?

As with any PS4 game, you can play Detroit: Become Human on either a standard PS4 or a PS4 Pro and experience the full game without any compromises. Playing on a standard PS4 will grant you a 1080p image at 30 frames-per-second; playing on a PS4 Pro will provide you with a checkerboard 2160p image at 30 frames-per-second.

Does Detroit: Become Human support 4K and/or HDR?

Detroit: Become Human has 4K support on PS4 Pro. The game renders in checkerboard 2160p at 30 frames-per-second on Sony’s supercharged system. PS4 Pro also improves the quality of the game’s volumetric lighting compared to the standard PS4 model. Both the PS4 Pro and standard PS4 offer HDR support, assuming you have a compatible television screen.

Is there a Detroit: Become Human PS4 console bundle?

There’s no official Detroit: Become Human console bundle been announced, but we’ll be sure to update if we hear anything. Some retailers may create their own bundles, selling copies of the game alongside either PS4 Pro or standard PS4 consoles, so ask at your local store or browse the web if you’re interested.

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