Detroit: Become Human How to Be Jericho's Hero and Get Enough Parts Guide 1

At one point in Detroit: Become Human’s campaign, in the Spare Parts chapter, Markus will need to infiltrate CyberLife in order to become Jericho’s hero and retrieve some spare parts for the damaged androids. However, it’s possible to not collect enough materials, and subsequently miss out on the ‘Jericho’s Hero’ Trophy. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you get them all.

How to Ensure Markus Got Enough Parts

To become Jericho’s hero and get enough parts from CyberLife, you need to make your way through the scene. When you reach the area with crates, walk to the back one and start collecting the spare parts. You’ll be interrupted by an android. Select the ‘Grab and Hide’ option, and then the ‘Release’ option.

Loot the remaining boxes, then climb up to the larger crate and choose the ‘Free Them’ option. The security android will want to come with you, but refuse his request and make a hasty exit when the alarm sounds. You'll unlock the 'Jericho's Hero' Trophy when the chapter ends.