Dark Souls Remastered Gaping Dragon Boss Walkthrough Guide 1

Bosses in Dark Souls Remastered are the cream on the challenging cake. Sure, fighting your way through a new area is no cakewalk, but it all builds towards beating the area boss.

Not only do these guys have an enormous health bar that you'll have to whittle down piece by piece, but they also deal insane damage. So much so that it's entirely possible you could get wiped out in a single hit.

They may even be surrounded by enemies from earlier in the level, or attack you as a duo. Just you wait until you face your first double boss – that will make everything you've faced up until that point easy by comparison.

In this guide, we're going to walk you through how to beat the Gaping Dragon, which you have to reach to beat Blighttown. This guy packs a mean punch and will destroy your equipment, but is pretty slow.

How to beat the Gaping Dragon in Dark Souls Remastered

The Gaping Dragon is a mixed bag. One the one hand he's very slow and doesn't attack very often but on the other his assaults hit as hard as the hellfire of Hades itself. As such, if you can fight this battle from range, you'll probably have a much better time.

He's particularly weak to lightning, so any attack of that element will deal solid damage. Alternatively, arrows and bolts, firebombs, and magic will suffice.

However, if you absolutely must melee this one, try and do so from behind. Not only will this keep you away from his eponymous deadly gaping mouth, but you might also sever the tail, which rewards you with the Dragon King Greataxe.

The main attack to look out for and avoid is when he slams his enormous head on the ground. This can happen at any point while his mouth is raised, so keep a good eye out for that. When he arches back to slam it, dodge right or left because this has some serious range.

One upside of this attack is that it takes him a while to recover from it, providing you with the perfect opportunity to get stuck in and wail on him. Mind the feet though, as you can take considerable damage if any of them hit you.

Another attack to watch out for is his vomit attack, which can cause serious damage to you and your equipment. You'll know he's about to do this when he raises his head and looks away from you. This is your indication to put as much distance between the two of you as possible.

Just keep hammering away from behind, and watch out for those two powerful attacks and you should walk away the victor. You can summon Solaire from just outside the fog if you need an extra hand and have humanity to spare.

Gaping Dragon rewards

Beat the Gaping Dragon and you'll receive the following as a reward:

  • Twin Humanity
  • Homeward Bone
  • Blighttown Key
  • 25,000 Souls
  • Dragon King Greataxe (if you cut off his tail)