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Game Informer's month of coverage on Days Gone is drawing to a close with one last video interview, in which a trio of Sony Bend devs answer reader-submitted questions. It's definitely worth a watch for anyone wondering about framerate, cut-scenes, and other small details about the open world title. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit, however, isn't about Days Gone at all.

Before the developer started work on its major PS4 exclusive, Sony Bend made Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a PS Vita launch title. One of the questions in the above video asks if the team could remaster Nate's portable adventure to PS4, and it sounds like it's not outside the realm of possibility. "That has come up," says Days Gone's creative director, John Garvin. Game director Jeff Ross adds, "I would love that. That'd be awesome," while the studio director Christopher Reese comments that the developer does have a plan for adapting Golden Abyss' Vita controls to the DualShock 4, if ever a remaster happens.

The discussion leads to more general talk about potential Vita development, and when asked if one of the studio's ideas for the system was an inFAMOUS game, Ross says, "We talked about it for a while, yeah. John [Garvin] had some really cool ideas for that by the way, it was... Yeah, I guess we're revealing that--" before being swiftly cut off by Garvin steering the chatter back to Days Gone. It sounds as though the studio was throwing around a lot of ideas for potential portable versions of Sony's big properties before eventually moving to PS4 development. We may never learn more, but it's interesting to imagine what might've been.

Would you have played an inFAMOUS game on PS Vita? Should Sony Bend remaster Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS4, or are you pleased the studio is forging its own path with Days Gone? Use the gyro to aim in the comments below.

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