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Over the past week or so, rumours of SoulCalibur VI's release date have been gathering speed. Officially, all we've been told up to this point is that the weapon-based fighter is due out in 2018, but more specific dates have been passed around on social media and have appeared on a number of websites.

From what we gather, some of these dates originated on various retail websites. We didn't report on them because this happens all the time when it comes to placeholder dates. As is usually the case, though, this didn't stop word from spreading.

Fortunately the official SoulCalibur Twitter account has stepped in, declaring that these supposed release dates are fake. It asks fans to "stay tuned".

We have to imagine that an official release date announcement can't be that far off. We're now in the middle of April, and if SoulCalibur VI really is launching this year, then Bandai Namco will have no choice but to kick its marketing machine into gear relatively soon. Stay tuned indeed.