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Have there really been 214 issues of WAYP? That’s almost four years’ worth of this recurring feature now – an impressive run, for sure! The premise has remained the same since the very beginning: we tell you what we’re playing; you tell us what you’re playing. Let’s dance!

Sammy Barker, Editor

I guess the angry skinhead is out of the bag and I can confirm I’ve been playing God of War for a while now. I’m not allowed to say much, but I can point out I still haven’t finished it yet. They weren’t kidding about this one.

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

Bloody Monster Hunter: World's doing my head in. Between every hunt being hijacked by Bazelgeuse and being unable to get the one material drop that I need, it feels like the game's taking the p*ss, but I just can't stop playing it. That's the magic of Monster Hunter right there.

Stephen Tailby, Senior Staff Writer

This weekend will be a hoot (pun profusely intended) as I finish off playing Owlboy for review. Elsewhere, my attention is veering towards April's headline PS Plus title, Mad Max, or the recently released Far Cry 5. A curious want for explosions has crept up on me, and both games would serve this rather well.

Gabriella Petty, Reviewer

Finished Far Cry 5 and I’m now feeling a little lost since completing it. I always regret not taking my time with open world games such as this. What Remains of Edith Finch has been sat in my library for a while now, so hopefully that will fill a void for the time being.

Jade Sayers, Reviewer

I’ve been off games for the last week and a half nursing an injury, but this weekend I’m hitting them hard! I’m going to start off with some Overwatch to ease me in and then I’m finally going to finish Final Fantasy X, even if it kills me! For the moments I’m on public transport I’ll be back onto Trails of Cold Steel.

Liam Croft, Reviewer

It's WrestleMania weekend [I'm really disappointed in you, Liam - Ed], but I'll be avoiding all WWE games because they're terrible. In-between the likes of NXT Takeover and the show to end all shows itself, I'll find some time for Far Cry 5

Victor Nowogurski, Moderator

With the holiday over its back to exploring the world of Skyrim for me during this WrestleMania weekend [Oh FFS, not you as well - Ed]. This game has me bad; when I am not playing it I am thinking of it. I think I might have Skyrim fever.

That's us all done, then, but what about you? What games are you playing this weekend? You know the drill: let us know in the comments section below.