Well this seemingly came out of nowhere: Tacoma has just popped up on the PlayStation Store with a release date of 8th May. The title is available to pre-order now with a discounted price of £11.99/$14.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Tacoma originally released on PC and Xbox One in August of last year, but after being announced as a console launch exclusive, it was only a matter of time before the space station explorer made its way over to PS4. Developed by Fullbright, best known for its work on Gone Home, the game received a positive reception upon its initial launch. We've embedded a trailer above to get you in the mood.

We can't wait to jet off into space for this one, but have you booked your seat? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: The game has now been officially revealed. With the PS4 version comes a new Developer Commentary mode. We've embedded the PS4 announcement trailer above, and you can read more about the game via the PlayStation Blog.

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