spyro the dragon tease ps4.jpg

We've been hearing about the supposed Spyro the Dragon Trilogy for months, but now things really seem to be ramping up. The official Spyro the Dragon Twitter account -- which has always been locked under the name Falcon McBob -- is at it again.

Earlier this week, sites began reporting that they had received purple eggs in the mail alongside a message reading "something's about to hatch". The message is signed by Falcon McBob, of course.

The teasing doesn't stop there, however, as the social media account just posted a rather ominous picture of a Crash Bandicoot doll or sweaty promotional costume, accompanied by the words "@CrashBandicoot Good Times".

So, that official announcement can't be far off, can it? At this rate, we may even get reveal before the week's out.

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