Sonic Mania, the wonderful 2D platformer from last year, is getting an expansion this summer, and SEGA has just narrowed down the launch to 17th July 2018.

Sonic Mania Plus includes the standard game, two new playable characters named Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel (who old-school Sonic fans may recognise), Encore stages that remix the regular levels, and some physical treats like an art book and retro sleeve cover. The new content will also be available digitally for those who already own the base game.

In the trailer above, we see the two new characters in action for the first time. Mighty has a slam ability, while Ray's flight looks like a more controllable version of Knuckles' glide.

Will you be getting Sonic Mania Plus in July? Spin into the comments and let us know.

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