ps4 firmware update.jpg

There's a new software update out for PlayStation 4, and before we tell you what it does, do you fancy taking a guess? Go on, we'll wait.

Done? Hopefully you're aware of the running gag and said "stability", because that's what you're getting. Firmware update 5.53 improves system performance, and that's that.

Oh wait, that's actually not the only thing. After installing the 440MB update, you'll get a pop-up that asks about data collection. This refers to the data that's sent to Sony whenever your system is online, and this latest update essentially lets you toggle between sending more data and sending less data. The pop-up also mentions that you're able to change this setting at any time, and you can press the options button to learn more.

What do you make of this one? Don't forget to protect your data in the comments section below.