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The PlayStation 4 will soon surpass the PlayStation 3’s install base just over four years into its lifespan, as Sony’s latest financial report has revealed that it’s shipped 79 million units of its current console worldwide. The number is accurate as of 31st March, with the platform holder forecasting another 16 million units will be sold over the course of its next fiscal year. Assuming its prediction is accurate, that would actually be a decrease year-over-year, but it’s probably fair to say the platform has peaked at this point – although it may also indicate that the company’s not planning to be particularly aggressive with price. We could still see a readily available $199 PS4 doing gangbusters.

All in all, though, Sony will be delighted with how things are going. Outrageously strong software sales mean that the PS4 continues to contribute considerably to the firm’s bottom line, with the division recording an eye-watering operating profit in the region of ¥177.5 billion (~$1.6 billion) for the fiscal year that’s just finished. As a whole, outgoing chief executive Kaz Hirai will leave behind a much healthier organisation than his predecessor, with a company-wide profit of ¥734.9 billion (~$6.7 billion) for the 12 month period ending 31st March. It’s forecasting a small decline over the coming fiscal year, but the main thing is that the Japanese giant is in the black again.

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