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Pro Evolution Soccer has been a tough sell for some time now, but UEFA may have just knocked the final nail in the once-popular series’ coffin. According to a post on the organisation’s website, this year’s Champions League final in Kiev will mark the end of a 10 year partnership between Konami and the competition, meaning that it’s practically going to lose its only recognised license.

“This year we will shift our focus into other areas,” said a no doubt nervous Jonas Lygaard, who’s a senior director of brand and development at Konami. “We will continue to explore alternative ways UEFA and Konami can continue to work together, as our relationship remains strong.” Brave words considering the circumstances.

It’s almost certain that FIFA will snap up the rights to the Champions League now, practically strangling out any competition. While that will be seen as a positive for fans of EA’s flagship football franchise, it’s perhaps worth remembering that modern FIFA is only so good because PES ruled the roost for a while during the PlayStation 2 era. Madden fans would perhaps advise caution against a monopoly.

[source uefa.com]