Already? It doesn’t feel like that long since Saber Interactive’s arcade basketball game NBA Playgrounds broke the backboard of the PlayStation 4, but a sequel’s already on the way. Due out later this year, the sequel will add new online and local multiplayer game modes, as well as new music, courts, and a single player campaign that apparently aims to recreate the feel of leading a team through a full season.

There’ll be four player online multiplayer, as well as a competitive and co-operative championship mode, all enhanced by the implementation of dedicated servers. As for the on court action itself, expect new moves and power ups, as well as improved character models and animations. The title will feature over 200 current and retired NBA stars, unlocked once again through Ultimate Team-esque sticker packs.

We thought the original NBA Playgrounds was good, but there’s certainly room for improvement. “It brings enough new ideas to the court to keep things feeling fresh, but at heart, it still retains the charm and accessibility that made NBA Jam such a beloved franchise,” we wrote. “There are a few kicks with the shooting mechanics and rebounding is less than ideal, but the gameplay is strong enough in other areas to ensure it's still an overall slam dunk.”