Spider-Man PS4 PlayStation 4 Game Informer Cover
Image: Game Informer

American games publication Game Informer has just announced the cover of its May issue, revealing that Spider-Man is the headline feature in the new mag.

Game Informer teases that they've played the game extensively, and know its release date, which could mean an official announcement on that front is just around the corner. The game featured on each cover usually has a lot of extra coverage online, and we expect no less for Spider-Man.

It's going to be great to finally have a little more to go on, as things have gone all too quiet surrounding Insomniac's latest. We'll be keeping an eye out for all the new information, which should include more on the gameplay, the combat, and other juicy details.

Are you excited to hear more about Spider-Man? When do you think we'll see the game release? Crawl into the comments below.

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