In an announcement that's seemingly come out of nowhere, Koei Tecmo has revealed Warriors Orochi 4, and it's due to launch later this year in Japan. The announcement's arrived not too long after the release of the massively disappointing Dynasty Warriors 9, so this could be the publisher's chance to atone for such a misfire.

For those who don't know, the Warriors Orochi series combines both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors characters, creating games that are essentially big crossover hack and slash parties. Other Koei Tecmo characters also tend to make the cut, with the likes of Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi appearing in previous instalments.

Oh, and this new one's titled Warriors Orochi 3 in Japan, not 4. That's because the second game in the series didn't have a number in Japan, whereas over here, it was named Warriors Orochi 2. Yeah, it's a bit confusing.

Of course, the question now is whether it'll be any good. The publisher's last crossover title was the almost offensively average Warriors All-Stars, and with the recent failure of Dynasty Warriors 9 piled on top of that mess, you can't blame us for being sceptical. At this point, we just really hope that it isn't open world.

What's your take on this? Is it time to make up for Dynasty Warriors 9? Do you have high hopes for Warriors Orochi 4? Avoid snakes in the comments section below.