brawlhalla ubisoft.png

Blue Mammoth Games, the relatively small studio behind hit free-to-play fighting game Brawlhalla, has been acquired by mega publisher Ubisoft. According to the press release, Blue Mammoth Games is made up of just 21 team members, so Ubisoft's certainly going for quality over quantity here.

It's an interesting story because these days the French company is all about online, service-based games, and with Brawlhalla, Blue Mammoth has proven that it's got a real understanding of how to keep players engaged over time. After all, Brawlhalla is currently one of the PlayStation 4's most successful free-to-play titles, and it's been going strong over on PC for years.

“We’re looking forward to leveraging Ubisoft’s expertise and resources to continue developing and supporting Brawlhalla for the long term, and to benefiting from their help in bringing the game to new players," a statement from Blue Mammoth founders Matthew Woomer and Lincoln Hamilton reads.

We're certainly looking forward to seeing what the developer can do now that it's backed by such a giant.