The Order 1886 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Prepare to twiddle your immaculately groomed moustache in anticipation, because The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn is, er, readying a “new third-person action console title”. There’s bad news for fans of Galahad and crew, however, because the God of War: Ghost of Sparta creator explicitly states that the project will be based on a “brand new original IP”.

The studio’s actually got its fingers in a fair few of Mrs Lovett's finest pies, as it continues to expand the award-winning virtual reality Echo universe in collaboration with Oculus, and also prepares DeFormers for its Chinese launch. You’ll be forgiven for forgetting that the latter arrived on the PlayStation 4 a while back with less fanfare than a Romelu Lukaku assist.

We’d be surprised if Ready at Dawn is collaborating with Sony on this new console title, but the studio does have a long history with the platform holder, so it’s certainly not impossible. Either way, we’d expect the project to be targeting the PS4 in some way or other, so hopefully the developer pulls back the curtain on the release in the near future.

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