SOULCALIBUR-VI_Keyart_1520956246 (2).jpg
Sick mate

Damn, that's some badass box art. Spotted by the omnipresent Wario64 on Twitter, Amazon's posted up the box art for SoulCalibur VI. Interestingly, it goes for artwork that includes both series veteran Mitsurugi and newly revealed guest character Geralt of Rivia. Yes, that's the grizzled bloke from The Witcher -- you can see his reveal trailer through here.

Of course, there is a chance that this box art isn't final, but still, it's pretty darn cool, isn't it? The weird thing is, we don't usually get box art until a game has a release date or at least a release window. All we know about SoulCalibur VI is that it's set to launch this year, but it's starting to seem like it may be closer than we think. Here's hoping we get a confirmed date soon, then.

What do you think of the box art? Who do you think would win in a test of steel? Clash in the comments section below.