Yakuza 6

Following on from news that SEGA mistakenly stuck the entirety of Yakuza 6 on the North American PlayStation Store instead of the demo, Sony has taken action by revoking the licence to the demo. In the US, if you downloaded the demo, the app icon should now have a padlock in the bottom right corner, meaning you can no longer play it, whether you downloaded an affected copy or not.

In addition, the game has been removed from the library to ensure you can't access it that way. SEGA and Sony have yet to say when we can expect the demo to make its way back onto the Store, but hopefully it won't be too long.

If you had played through any of the demo before Sony removed access, SEGA has confirmed that your save data will still transfer to the full game come release. The publisher also assured that you won't be penalised for downloading or using the Yakuza 6 demo. Here's the quote from Reddit:

Just to reassure you that we are working with Sony to make sure that there are no account penalties if you downloaded the demo. Still no date for the demo going back up but it is our top priority!

Did you inadvertently gain access to the full Yakuza 6? Crack your knuckles in the comments below.

[source gearnuke.com, via reddit.com]