Team 17 has announced Planet Alpha, the latest game under its steadily growing publishing umbrella. Make sure you check out the trailer above, as it looks rather interesting.

You'll be making your way across an alien planet, escaping from "relentless enemies" as they chase you across the world. The first thing to take away from this announcement trailer is that it looks lovely; the backgrounds in particular wonderfully colourful and lively, adding a nice depth to the environments.

There's no date set in stone yet, but it's likely we'll see the game release later this year. It's one to keep an eye on - hopefully the narrative can match the vivid visuals.

What do you think of Planet Alpha? Rocket down to the comments below and let us know.

Update: A new PlayStation Blog post from the game's creative director, Adrian Lazar, provides some more details. You'll be able to directly control a day and night cycle, which changes the dynamics of the levels. "For example, deep in the dense alien jungle light barely reaches the soil so at day some species of mushrooms extend toward the canopy to escape the shade. If you’re observant, you can use them as platforms to reach higher places or as covers to sneak past enemies."

Check out the PlayStation Blog post here.