spyro the dragon ps4.jpg

A few hardworking Twitter users have potentially uncovered yet more evidence that suggests Activision has a Spyro the Dragon remake in the works. The gist of it is that there's a Twitter account called @SpyroTheDragon, which is registered to what appears to be an official Activsion email address.

At this point in time, said account is locked and so it can't be interacted with through the social media platform. However, the account's current username is Falcon McBob. This doesn't mean much until you realise that Activision has a voice over project in production which is codenamed Falcon. Coincidence? Evidence? Or just some elaborate hoax?

That last part's admittedly a bit weird, but all of this still makes for an interesting story. Last month, Kotaku reported that a Spyro the Dragon trilogy is being developed for PlayStation 4, so speculation is rampant right now. At this juncture, we'd be more surprised if it didn't happen.

[source twitter.com, via reddit.com]