This is the twenty-second week of our Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament. 128 characters enter, but only one will be crowned champion -- and you decide who that champion will be.

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Previous Results

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This Week's Matches

We have four matches lined up today. All you have to do is vote for your favourite character in each of the polls below. The winners will move onto the next round. The losers are out of the tournament.

Votes for these matches close next Wednesday, on the 28th March.


Match 85: Ellie vs. B.J. Blazkowicz


Series: The Last of Us
First PlayStation appearance: The Last of Us, 2013 (PlayStation 3)
Characters beaten: Toro Inoue

B.J. Blazkowicz

Series: Wolfenstein
First PlayStation appearance: Return to Castle Wolfenstein, 2003 (PlayStation 2)
Characters beaten: William Adams

Vote for your favourite character! (216 votes)

  1. Ellie82%
  2. B.J. Blazkowicz18%

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Match 86: Neo Cortex vs. Bayonetta

Neo Cortex

Series: Crash Bandicoot
First PlayStation appearance: Crash Bandicoot, 1996 (PSone)
Characters beaten: Talion


Series: Bayonetta
First PlayStation appearance: Bayonetta, 2009 (PlayStation 3)
Characters beaten: Kain

Vote for your favourite character! (209 votes)

  1. Neo Cortex54%
  2. Bayonetta46%

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Match 87: Cole MacGrath vs. Crash Bandicoot

Cole MacGrath

Series: inFAMOUS, PlayStation All-Stars
First PlayStation appearance: inFAMOUS, 2009 (PlayStation 3)
Characters beaten: Sol Badguy

Crash Bandicoot

Series: Crash Bandicoot
First PlayStation appearance: Crash Bandicoot, 1996 (PSone)
Characters beaten: Mitsurugi

Vote for your favourite character! (215 votes)

  1. Cole MacGrath32%
  2. Crash Bandicoot68%

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Match 88: Isaac Clarke vs. Dante

Isaac Clarke

Series: Dead Space
First PlayStation appearance: Dead Space, 2008 (PlayStation 3)
Characters beaten: Captain Price


Series: Devil May Cry, Marvel vs. Capcom, Shin Megami Tensei
First PlayStation appearance: Devil May Cry, 2001 (PlayStation 2)
Characters beaten: Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Vote for your favourite character! (212 votes)

  1. Isaac Clarke32%
  2. Dante68%

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