Devolver Digital has a knack for publishing games that are either delightfully obscure or just plain brilliant, and Minit looks to be no different. Announced via the PlayStation Blog, this intriguing adventure game is an open-ended title with lots of NPCs to help, secrets to discover, and items to find. The catch is that the sword you're carrying is cursed, and limits each life to just one minute.

"This curse gives you exactly one minute each time you venture out from your home, after which the clock ticks down and drops you dead right where you stand. But you’ll be surprised: through confident action and clever planning, a lot can be accomplished in just sixty seconds," Writes Kitty Calis, a designer working on the game. "A huge quest, and only so little time, but there are a few elements working in your favor. Any items gathered during a run will be yours forever, regardless of how many times the clock runs out. Find a heart? Gain more health. Find sneakers? Faster running. Drink coffee? You can… get stronger and push boxes?! Anything you find will give you new abilities, and they all stick with you until the end of time, literally."

It honestly sounds very interesting, and despite the simplistic look, Minit seems to have a lot of personality. The game is due out on PS4 very soon, on 3rd April. It's well worth a read of the PlayStation Blog post, or if you don't have time, check out the trailer embedded above (which is, of course, 60 seconds long).

What do you make of Minit? Will you be partaking in its minute-long questing? Take a minute to tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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