David Cage's upcoming narrative thriller Detroit: Become Human follows a similar template to Heavy Rain, in that you'll be taking control of three main characters throughout the adventure. Posting on the PlayStation Blog yesterday, the writer and director introduces us to each android.

First up is Connor, or RK800. His main function in the world of Detroit is to aid investigations with his technological enhancements. CyberLife, the company that built him, offers his services to the police when cases of misbehaving androids become more widespread.

Markus (RK200) belongs to an elderly, wheelchair-bound artist who initially disliked his robot companion, but grew to enjoy his company. The artist's son is jealous of his father's closeness to Markus, which sounds like it'll be the source of some friction, to say the least.

Kara is the most famous face among the three characters. Model number AX400, she essentially acts as a housekeeper and nanny. When the unpredictable and dangerous Todd Williams threatens his own daughter, Kara escapes with her, and they begin to see the cracks starting to form in an android-filled world.

The PlayStation Blog post goes into a little more detail, so click here if you're interested. Do you like the look of these three characters? Are you looking forward to taking them through their respective journeys? Press X to comment below.

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