Train Jam, as you might suspect, is a game jam that takes place on a train. Developers are invited to board a train travelling from Chicago to San Francisco in order to attend GDC, but during the 52-hour trip, everyone works to build a game from scratch using whatever tools they like. A quartet of Media Molecule employees took part this year, and using only the upcoming Dreams, they created a platformer dubbed Comic Sands, which you can see in action above.

It's very basic, with the player guiding a simple character through a desert environment collecting little gems, but it's worth remembering that literally everything in the above clip was made using Media Molecule's ambitious and powerful creation tools within Dreams. The way characters move, the effects, the music -- everything.

While it's obviously not the most impressive game in the world, Comic Sands is very different to anything yet shown from Dreams; the fact it begins in 2D and transitions into 3D, and the unique visual style, is telling of the kind of experiences you'll be able to construct yourself when Dreams eventually releases. The potential on display is bonkers.

What do you think of this little game made using Dreams? Are you excited to get your hands on Dreams' tools for yourself? Paint us a picture in the comments below.