Those happy, bouncy LocoRocos are set to appear in next month's The Swords of Ditto, an upcoming Devolver Digital action RPG. The jovial blobs get their very own PS4-exclusive quest in the already whimsical title, and you can get a short preview in the video above.

The developer, onebitbeyond, worked closely with SIE Japan Studio to implement LocoRoco into the game, according to designer Jonathan Biddle in a PlayStation Blog post. "The first step of this collaboration was to figure out a smart, seamless way to integrate LocoRoco into The Swords of Ditto while giving players something truly surprising and unique. It became clear that a secret dungeon themed as a small LocoRoco quest would be ideal and a nice juxtaposition to the usual dark and gloomy secret caves that populate each new world with every run."

It sounds like a charming little distraction from the main quest line, and as big fans of those lovable LocoRocos, we're looking forward to checking it out when The Swords of Ditto launches on 24th April.

Do you like the sound of this extra quest? Are you pleased to see LocoRoco crossing paths with The Swords of Ditto? Try not to get the music stuck in your head in the comments below.