Fortnite: How to Find the Treasure Map in Snobby Shores 1

One of the weekly challenges in Fortnite is to find a treasure map in Snobby Shores and then follow it to find the actual treasure itself. This rewards you with 10 Battle Stars, so it's well worth doing.

In this guide, we'll help you locate the treasure map and treasure so you don't have to put in the hard work yourself. Happy hunting!

Where is the treasure map in Snobby Shores?

It seems there are a bunch of different places you can find the treasure map in Snobby Shores, which is itself located on the western shores of the game map.

Find the row of houses by the shore, then head to the one with the empty swimming pool in the back. You'll see an outhouse near the pool, so head on over to it to find one of the maps.

The other map is in a very small building to the north east corner of Snobby Shores. Thanks for the tips, Eurogamer!

Fortnite: How to Find the Treasure Map in Snobby Shores 2

What do I do once I've found the treasure map in Snobby Shores?

Well, you go and find the treasure, of course! You can do this the hard way by trying to find the location on the admittedly poor map, or you can just follow our directions below.

Where is the treasure in Snobby Shores?

The treasure is located in the valley just to the north east of Snobby Shores. Head there and find two adjacent trees, with a weird little building on stilts in the centre of them, just to the north. Head towards this building and you'll find the treasure. Grab it to complete the achievement.

Do I have to find the map first? Or can I go straight to the treasure?

You don't have to find the map, no. Instead, you can just follow our previous instructions to grab the treasure and you're done. You do have to complete that particular game of Fortnite though. You can't just quit out, or you'll fail the challenge.