Can You Play A Way Out in Single Player

A Way Out is the latest game from Josef Fares, the man who brought us the rather excellent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. While Vincent and Leo's adventure looks very interesting, something not everyone is clear on is just how you can play it; is it purely co-op, or can you, in fact, play alone? Is it local co-op only? Let us answer these questions to put your mind at ease.

Can I Play A Way Out in Single Player?

No. A Way Out is designed to be played by two people controlling one character each, and there is no option to play with an AI-controlled partner.

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Can I Play A Way Out in Local Co-op?

Yes. This is the way the game is meant to be played, as both players will be able to better communicate with each other and experience the adventure together.

Can I Play A Way Out in Local Co-op?

Can I Play A Way Out in Online Co-op?

Yes. A Way Out can be played online with a friend, just as you can offline. There's no matchmaking, so you can only play with someone from your Friends list.

How Does Online Co-op Work in A Way Out?

A Way Out's online play works a little differently to most games. Only one participant needs to have bought the game. If you've purchased A Way Out, you can send a request to someone on your Friends list. Once they accept, they'll be prompted to download the Free Trial from the PlayStation Store. Once this download has completed, they'll be able to play the game alongside you online, at no extra cost, from start to finish.

Players with only the Free Trial version of A Way Out won't be able to join a friend's game themselves. Free Trial owners will have to either be invited by a friend, or buy the full version of the game.

Will I Earn Trophies if I join Another Player's Game?

No. If you join online co-op as above and don't own A Way Out, you won't unlock the trophies until you purchase the game yourself, at which point your accumulated trinkets will pop.

Will you be playing A Way Out with a friend? Are you going to take advantage of the online play, or go old-school and play co-op in the flesh? Split the screen in the comments below.