Want to hear Witcher geeks from CD Projekt Red talk about Geralt of Rivia and his appearance in SoulCalibur VI? If so, then you've come to the right place. This latest video explains who Geralt is, what his fighting style is like, and the process of bringing him to Bandai Namco's upcoming brawler.

Perhaps most interestingly, The Witcher director Borys Pugacz Muraszkiewicz points out that Geralt being in SoulCalibur VI could potentially be considered canon. As those of you who have played The Witcher 3 will know, the grizzled lead dabbles in interdimensional travel at a certain point during his adventure -- a scenario that sees him visit a series strange and mysterious worlds. Muraszkiewicz speculates that the world of SoulCalibur VI could have been one of the worlds that Geralt ended up exploring.

What do you make of Geralt in SoulCalibur VI? Try to avoid portals in the comments section below.