final fantasy vii remake.jpg

Final Fantasy VII Remake is looking more and more like a PlayStation 5 game. Its development is also looking more and more like Final Fantasy XV Part 2. Our latest update on the project comes via a job listing -- as translated by Gematsu -- which gives us a vague idea of how things are going.

The description reads: "We are examining programs that implement general functions and contents for Final Fantasy VII Remake as necessary on the development team, and while we are reaching a satisfactory level in terms of reproducing the original title in high-quality graphics, we have come to the conclusion that we should aim for even higher quality in order to meet the expectations of fans."

It continues: "That said, we will tackle the production of this big title by establishing core members of various positions such as level planner, battle planner, designer, engineer, etc. including existing members of the development team. Interested applicants are expected to work as a core member."

In other words, it sounds like Square Enix is still busy putting the core development team together. Now, we've always known that remaking Final Fantasy VII -- one of the most beloved games of all time -- was never going to be an easy task. No matter how the project is handled, the finished product has no chance of sitting well with everyone. But as with Final Fantasy XV and its ten year development hell, you get the impression that Square's really struggling to find its footing. 

After all, talented Japanese developer CyberConnect2 was originally helping out with the game before Square Enix decided to shift development to its internal teams. Since then, updates have been sparse to say the least.

Want to take a guess at when Final Fantasy VII Remake will actually launch? Keep your hair gel stored away in the comments section below.