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Cory Barlog has been dreaming of a single shot game for some time. Speaking with Daily Star, the God of War creative director revealed that he pitched the concept to the Tomb Raider team during his spell at Crystal Dynamics, but the idea was rejected. A video released yesterday revealed how Sony Santa Monica made the ambitious cinematic technique work in Kratos’ latest adventure.

“I wanted to do [the single shot camera technique] and I had pitched it to Crystal Dynamics when I was there working on Tomb Raider and everyone was like, 'That’s crazy, we don't want to do that!’” he told the website. “And, my reaction was like, 'Yeah, y’know, I don't know if this is the best place for me anyway.’”

Sony, however, creatively supported the concept. “I guess, for me, there was just a lot more creative support and faith with Sony,” he added. “Like they’d say, you’ve got a crazy idea, we’re going to support you, regardless of how much of a leap off of a cliff it is.” Of course, pulling the presentation technique off was no walk in the park, but the Santa Monica team got there in the end.