Night School Studio, the developer behind supernatural mystery graphic adventure Oxenfree, has today released the first trailer for its follow-up title, Afterparty

The game, which was first revealed at the end of last year, follows the story of two recently deceased best friends, Milo and Lola, who finds themselves in a neon-stricken hell. The only way out? To outdrink Satan on a manic, debauched, drunken pub crawl.

In the trailer above, we get a glimpse at the game's striking visual style. It looks like it will play out not entirely dissimilar to the wonderful Oxenfree, which yours truly reviewed favourably but felt got a little convoluted towards the end. But nevertheless, Night School Studio knows how to make a good game. 

Afterparty is confirmed for release in 2019, and while there's currently no confirmation of a release on Sony hardware, we'd be surprised if it didn't make it over. So, what's your beverage of choice? Let us know in the entirely sober comments section below.