Yoku's Island Express is an unusual title that's flying a little under the radar, but going by this new trailer, it's looking rather lovely. Published by Team 17, the game stars Yoku the dung beetle and has you delivering mail to the inhabitants of an open world location named Mokumana Island. Bet you've never played a game with a setup like that before.

Interestingly, you'll be navigating the island through a blend of traditional platforming and pinball-esque sections, both of which can be seen in the new trailer. The ball you're pushing around can take on new properties, and there appear to be some abilities for Yoku as well. It all honestly makes a bit more sense when you watch the video, and if you ask us, it's coming along nicely.

The game is scheduled for a release in the second quarter of this year. What do you make of Yoku's Island Express? Are you delighted, or bewildered? Send us a letter in the comments below.

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