Above is the announcement trailer for a brand new arcade racing game named Trailblazers, and it does an excellent job of explaining what this interesting new game is all about. Coming from a new studio called Supergonk, this neat looking racer features anti-gravity vehicles, twisty tracks, and team-based gameplay.

However, the hook is that each 3-player team is assigned a colour, and you can paint the track behind you. When your teammates drive over these painted sections, they'll gain a speed boost. This simple mechanic looks to be a nice idea, and we can certainly imagine it becoming quite strategic, especially as you're able to paint over the opposing team's colour to gain an advantage. The game will also feature split-screen multiplayer, both online and offline, which is something of a forgotten feature these days.

It's also worth mentioning that Supergonk has a pretty impressive racing pedigree on staff. The UK-based studio is made up of developers who have previously worked at racing specialists Codemasters and Bizarre Creations, as well as Lionhead. Trailblazers doesn't have a fixed date just yet, but is set to release in 2018.

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