monster hunter world ps4 player count

A lot of people quit games pretty early on. They lose interest or they start playing something else, and the game doesn't get finished. This has always been a worry for many developers, which leads to a lot of specific design choices that aim to keep players engaged. 

Monster Hunter: World doesn't seem to have that problem, though. A reader tipped us off that just over 67 per cent of players on PlayStation 4 have stuck with Monster Hunter: World past the initial story. This is according to the game's Trophy data, which shows that 67.1 per cent of people have obtained the 'Into The Deep' Trophy, meaning that they've reached high rank missions.

As far as most games go, that percentage suggests very healthy player retention. It takes a fair number of hours to get to that point, so clearly a lot of people have been more than happy to keep up the hunt.

Are you one of those players? Let us know how you're handling high rank in the comments section below.