Sony has released its financial results from the quarter ending 31st December, and it's showing some impressive numbers once again. PlayStation 4 hardware sales were actually down year-on-year, from 9.7 million to 9 million, but the total number of units is now at 76.5 million. The console enjoyed its best ever calendar year, moving over 20 million units worldwide.

Overall sales increased from ¥617 billion (~$5.6 billion) to ¥718 billion (~$6.5 billion), and profit amounted to ¥85 billion (~$773 million), with one of the main contributors being software.

The PS4 continues to be a monster, in other words. The PlayStation 3's lifetime sales equate to approximately 83 million, so its successor is now well on its way to eclipse that.

This news comes just as Sony announces a change in management, with current CEO Kaz Hirai stepping down at the beginning of the next financial year.

[source usgamer.net]