One Piece: World Seeker's got a new trailer in which producer Koji Nakajima talks us through the concept behind the game's open world focus. "There are many action-adventure games out there already," Nakajima begins. "But they come with certain restrictions, such as invisible walls, for example."

"One of the best parts of One Piece is the freedom it offers," he continues. "As a way of replicating this 'freedom', we built a game that allows the player to seamlessly and freely move throughout the entire map." Indeed, based on the footage that we've seen so far, main character Luffy comes equipped with a load of different traversal options.

"The main concepts behind this game are: having fun on a One Piece adventure, a story with a plotline straight out of One Piece, and enjoy interacting with the crew," Nakajima explains.

In truth we're not totally sold on World Seeker just yet, but it's nice to hear about some of the thought behind it. Hopefully the project comes together well by the time it launches later this year.