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Well here's a study that makes for some interesting reading. A report entitled Gaming Today, which is based on an online discussion held by figures from across gaming and technology, suggests that the most people really don't care all that much about microtransactions in their video games.

Based on one particular survey, a rather large 69 per cent of people said that they're fine with cosmetic-only microtransactions. 22 per cent said that they dislike the pay-to-win model, thankfully, but only 6 per cent said that they don't actually spend any money on microtransactions. That's quite an eye-opener.

The weird thing is, only 1.3 per cent of participants said that they're "fans" of microtransactions, so it's not like the practice is well-loved -- at least, not according to this study.

Does this report come as a shock to you at all? Where do you stand on microtransactions? Be wary with your wallet in the comments section below.

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