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Last summer, BioWare stated that it would be -- rather prematurely -- ending support for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and for fans, hopes of any meaningful single player downloadable content went down the drain. However, despite leaving the game's oft criticised campaign behind, the developer's been tweaking the title's co-op multiplayer on a pretty regular basis ever since the title launched.

And these updates have carried on into 2018, as the studio's just released the latest patch notes over on its official blog. Obviously this isn't the most exciting news story that we've ever written, but it's quite interesting all the same. 

Although we doubt that BioWare has many employees assigned to keeping up support for the multiplayer component, the fact that it's still being updated means that people must still be playing it. Microtransactions probably enter the equation, too -- we'd love to know how much money Andromeda's co-op is still raking in.

Dare we ask if you're still playing Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer? Unlock a Turian in the comments section below.

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