Disney's D23 Expo Japan, starting today, could be the site of an announcement concerning Kingdom Hearts III. The Kingdom Hearts Twitter account teased an appearance at the expo, leading many to speculate whether another trailer or even a release date could be revealed in Tokyo.

Kingdom Hearts III's current 2018 release date was announced at last year's D23 Expo in Anaheim - as well as a trailer - so it wouldn't be outlandish to expect some kind of announcement this weekend.

Could a concrete release date for Kingdom Hearts III finally be announced, or have you stopped holding out hope for the long-delayed title? Get goofy in the comments below.

Update: A new trailer has indeed emerged from the expo, officially revealing the Monsters Inc. world for Kingdom Hearts III. We've embedded it to the top of the article.

The game's main theme was also shown off, and you can listen to it here.

Square Enix has also stated that the release date for this long-awaited sequel will be unveiled at E3 2018.

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