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It's no secret that despite getting a lot right, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is more than a bit buggy. The ambitious role-playing title has multiple patches incoming and developer Warhorse has been doing its best to keep on top of things, but in a situation like this, the question will always remain: shouldn't these issues have been fixed before the game was released?

In the studio's latest blog post, executive producer Martin Klíma admits that extra development time would have been ideal. "I freely admit though that I wish we had more time to polish the game before the release, that’s what AAA game deserves," Klíma says.

The comment comes following a question about whether Klíma sees Kingdom Come as a AAA title. Interestingly, he replies by saying, "I don’t see KCD as competing with the likes of Assassin’s Creed or Shadow of War. We simply don’t have resources to create a game like that. I don’t view us as an indie game either, though."

"KCD is an attempt of bridging the two: it is an indie game at heart – more hardcore, more demanding, more fierce – but with the visuals and production values of AAA game," Klíma explains.

Ultimately it is a shame that Kingdom Come shipped the way that it did, but at least Warhorse is open with its thoughts on the matter. Hopefully the studio can keep improving the experience over time.