Everyone's probably tired of hearing about it, but it seems like we still haven't seen the end of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy's consequences. In what is a landmark for laws regulating games - something scarce in most countries until now - Representative Chris Lee of Oahu has proposed two bills to the Hawaii State Legislature that will affect loot boxes.

One bill, House Bill 2727, would require publishers to clearly label games that contained loot box systems as well as requiring them to display the probability of getting each item. This will likely be a popular move, preventing players from spending money on boxes that they'll get bad rewards for. The other bill, House Bill 2686, could be more controversial, as it hopes to limit the sale of games containing loot boxes only to those over age 21. Still, it'll be easy to bypass by the sounds of it.

Though these bills only affect Hawaii, Lee claims that "more than half of U.S. states are pursuing some form of loot box oversight legislation." If a sizable amount of states take action against loot boxes, publishers could be persuaded to stop putting them in their games, Lee hopes. This could be wishful thinking, as loot boxes have showed no sign of slowing in recent months, but, if the bills pass and cause a financial hit to publishers, change could come.

Are these the right measures to take against loot boxes, or should no action be taken? Get a sense of pride and accomplishment in the comments below.