Change the logos in this Farming Simulator 19 debut trailer and you’ve got a killer commercial for Far Cry 5, but the only dead heading you’ll be doing here is to your ripened barley. Focus Home Interactive, in conjunction with developer Giants Software, has announced the next edition in its barnstorming agricultural brand – and we’re eager to get our hands dirty.

There aren’t a massive amount of details just yet, but the title promises the “most striking and immersive visuals and effects, along with the deepest and most complete farming experience ever”. There’ll be three open world maps, two of which will be entirely new while the third will be a revision of the South American environment from previous instalments.

“Farming Simulator 19 will also introduce new farming activities, new animals with horses, brand new mechanics as well as new crops, all of which we will be revealed in great detail over the coming months and future events,” the press release concludes. The title’s currently on track for a late 2018 release, so get ready to cull the crops in anticipation.