Everybody's Golf Final Fantasy Content 1

Everybody’s Golf will be joining Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary festivities with a slew of crossover content currently announced for Japan. Starting from 26th February you’ll be able to purchase a Chocobo golf kart for the game, allowing you to navigate the title’s open courses atop one of the yellow-feathered bird-things. The mode of transport will cost ¥500 (~$4.50), and has been designed specifically by Square Enix illustrator Toshiyuki Itahana.    

But that’s not all. Starting 26th February through 12th March, you’ll be able to participate in a special Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collaboration Cup, where you’ll unlock Cactuar Outerwear and a Cactuar Cap. Those who score highly will advance to the competition finals, where you’ll unlock a full-body Moogle outfit. And if that’s not enough, everyone will unlock a new Final Fantasy golf kart free of charge.

Please note that all of the dates are accurate for Japan, and there’s no word on this promotion expanding to Europe and North America just yet. We really want that Chocobo golf kart, though, so here’s hoping.

[source gematsu.com]