CounterSpy PS4 PS3 Vita Sony 1

CounterSpy joined many people’s backlogs when it was a PS Plus game back in March 2015. If it’s been sat in there gathering digital dust then now might be a good time to bring it out to play. After 31st May the servers will be pulled so you’ll no longer be able to earn the “International Nemesis” trophy.

If you do want to go for it then it’s likely to take you less than an hour to get the impacted gong. All you'll need to do is be online while you play and the game will randomly send you a message about a rival agents score. Once you’ve beaten that score the next level will have the rival agents corpse hidden within it. Find the body and that sweet trophy will be all yours.

It’s also worth noting that there are two separate Trophy lists, one for the PS4 version and one for PS3/PS Vita.

Are you planning to give CounterSpy a go before the server shutdown? Let us know in the comments below.