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As many as 50 employees have been laid off at Dead Rising 4 developer Capcom Vancouver, according to a Kotaku story citing sources and social media reports. The cutbacks include the cancellation of a project believed to be set in an alternate reality New York, as well as changes to the next Dead Rising title, which had “been over-scoped and under-staffed” according to reporter Jason Schreier. This is common among video game projects, of course, but it sounds like the Japanese publisher has attempted to seriously streamline the scope of the announced product.

According to leaks, the cancelled game – which purportedly had not been greenlit yet – was called Knights of Aegis and saw you assume the role of knights in a fantasy version of NYC during the 70s. A pitch referred to fights against supernatural creatures like werewolves, angels, goblins, and demons – it almost sounds a little bit like The Order: 1886 if you squint.

Capcom’s yet to comment on the layoffs, but we wish the very best to all of those affected by this news.