ARK Park PS4 PlayStation 4 1

PlayStation VR powered ARK: Survival Evolved spin-off ARK Park will finally gain admission to the PlayStation 4 on 22nd March, it’s been announced. Originally announced all the way back in 2016, this educational-esque experience promises to whisk you away to a living, breathing Jurassic Park, where you’ll be able to interact with all sorts of extinct wildlife.

According to the press release there are over 10 unique scenes for you to visit, as well as eggs to find allowing you to raise your very own ferocious reptile. You’ll also be able to collect DNA which you can then trade for various in-game items, and there’s a multiplayer aspect that will see you defending key research outposts should a T-Rex or two actually escape.

It sounds like there’s quite a lot to this, but we’re interested to see how it all comes together; there’s nothing wrong with an interactive experience where you encounter dinosaurs, but it sounds like developer Snail Games has tried to layer some gameplay systems on top, and it remains to be seen how successful they are. There’ll be two versions of the title at launch, with the Deluxe Edition bundling in some bonus outfits and mounts.