A new trailer for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has appeared, this time showcasing the game's clan creator mode.

As is typical of Yakuza's extracurricular activities, it looks relatively deep. You recruit clan members by fighting and defeating them, and once they're on board, you can place them in a hierarchy from chairman (our main man Kaz, naturally) all the way down to entry level soldiers. Each character can be levelled up, which will presumably increase their various stats and their effectiveness in battle.

Speaking of battles, these clan vs. clan dust-ups see everyone duking it out at the same time from a zoomed out perspective, with you able to take direct control of one member.

There will be bosses to take on in the form of The Six Lunatics, who will no doubt be suitably mad, and you'll also be able to upload your clan and pit it against the clans of other players.

Are you looking forward to Yakuza 6 and its myriad side content? Will you be forming your very own clan? Try not to pick a fight in the comments below.

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