genDesign Artwork

The Last Guardian director Fumito Ueda appears to have teased genDesign’s next title with a concept art released to coincide with the New Year. Those of you who’ve been around the clock a bit will recall a similar image being published long before The Last Guardian even leaked, showing Trico’s chains and a bundle of feathers. It’s likely, then, that this will foreshadow some form of announcement.

The art, as with all of Ueda’s work, is intriguing. It shows a beam of light with doves flying overhead, and a Yorda-esque ethereal figure awaking atop a stair case. To the right of the picture appears to be some kind of monster’s hand – it’s hard to make out. Could this be some kind of King Kong-esque tale, perhaps? It’d certainly be a natural step for the industry veteran.

Common sense suggests that this will be a PlayStation 4 game, but it’s worth remembering that Ueda is no longer a Sony employee. He, along with key members of the Team ICO team, departed Japan Studio to form genDesign while The Last Guardian was transferred from the PlayStation 3 to the platform holder’s new-gen console. His new studio then collaborated with Sony to finish the game.

Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has said that the manufacturer wants to work with Ueda again, and it’s hard to imagine many other publishers giving the director the resources that he requires to make games on the scale that he likes to create. But we’ll have to wait and see – either way, we don't think this will be announced until all involved parties have a firm release window in mind.