Capcom has just wrapped up a live broadcast focusing on this month's Monster Hunter: World, in which the publisher shared some brand new information and footage.

First and foremost is the news that, yes, there will be yet another open beta test on PS4, beginning 18th January at 18:00 PT (or 19th January at 02:00 GMT for us Brits) and ending 21st January at 17:59 PT (or, 22nd at 01:59 GMT). A new monster, the fierce-looking Nergigante, will appear as a fourth quest alongside the three you'll be familiar with by now.

In addition to this, the first DLC was revealed in the form of a new monster to face, namely the Deviljho. This spiky beast will be added to the game for free this spring, and you can see a sneak peek at the end of the great new Monster Hunter: World trailer, embedded above. It's well worth a watch, as there are a number of new monsters shown off.

Capcom also unveiled new Monster Hunter themed hardware for Japan, as well as PS4 bundles. If it wasn't clear already, this game is a big deal for the publisher.

The game is only a few weeks away - will you be taking part in yet another beta test? Are you excited for the impending release? Rejoin the hunt in the comments below.

Update: Capcom has confirmed that the beta will be available to preload on 17th January.

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